European Blues Award Winner 2013 (Best Band)
European Blues Award winner 2015 (Ted McKenna)

Dutch Blues Award winner 2016 (Marcel Scherpenzeel)

 Thank you for your support in 2019.
  Looking forward to 2020.


Rory’s music reached a massive audience from Norway to Spain, from Japan to the USA, Covering all parts of the globe and producing some of the greatest rock/blues albums of the 60’s 70's and the 80's.

Sadly we lost Rory on 14th June 1995, to his devoted fans and followers this was the ultimate tragedy.
The BAND OF FRIENDS is not a tribute to Rory,
more a celebration of his life and music

'Please be assured that this is no tribute band.
Think a rendition of a composer's former work performed by those who have a full right to both perform it and choose their musicians.
RG would approve. No Doubt'
Noel Buckley, (Get Ready to Rock UK)

'Having had the privilege of seeing Rory Gallagher live (as well as several tribute acts),
I can honestly say that this gig is the closest that anyone will ever come to his sound, style and sheer energy of delivery.
This wasn't a gig, it was a concert.
This certainly was a 'Celebration of the music of Rory Gallagher' and it's great to see they are doing a fantastic job of keeping the music of this great musician alive.'
                       Rob Dodgson, (Annular Media UK)

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Recent News
Online gig Band of Friends
If you missed the online gig from Band of Friends!

You can watch it here: FaceBook or YouTube.

Band of Friends YouTube.
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Coluna Blues Rock.
Interview with Gerry McAvoy by Ellen Caroline.
...Since we lost Ted I decided to change the lineup of Band of Friends. Marcel has formed his own band. We now have Brendan O'Neill (Rory 1981-1991) on drums. Paul Rose on guitar Stephan Graf on guitar...

...The troubles were in full momentum when Rory and the band decided to play some shows in Ireland.
These shows included playing the Ulster Hall, Belfast, where I had seen Taste play a few years previous.
Coming from Belfast I was probably more aware of the dangers than the rest of the guys...
Read the article (Portuguese/English) here:Coluna Blues Rock

USA Tour 2020.
USA Tour 10th - 26th September has been rescheduled to Fall/Winter 2021.
Exact dates will be confirmed soon.

Eclipsed Rock Magazin.
"Ich hatte den eindruck, dass er mich und unseren drummer Wilgar Campbell unter die lupe nahm"
"Dann wollte er wissen, ob ich zu einigen konzerten in Frankreich mitkommen möchte"
"Rory war der boss, und das musstest du akzeptieren"
Read the article by Wolfgang Thomas here:Eclipsed Rock Magazin

Interview with Gerry McAvoy
"...we all ended up at the airport, in a coffee shop...passing the time away and speaking with Frank Zappa.
I was 19. And it was amazing."

"...Yeah, I listened to Paul McCartney a lot. And then I started listening to guys like Willie Dixon.  When I got into the blues, I was listening to guys like that."
Read the interview by Casey Chambers, Wichita Kansas here: The College Crowd Digs Me.

Dear friends,
Because of the current threat of Covid 19, all shows have been cancelled until the end of June 2020.
Shows will be rescheduled, so please refer to the tour page on this web site for all updates.
We are concerned for everyone's safety, so we and the venues have no option but to cancel.
Let's hope this situation changes sooner than later.
Please keep safe and we will see you soon.

From March 2020 Band of Friends will have two different line ups.
For European shows the line up will be:
Gerry McAvoy (Bass & vocals)  Brendan ONeill (Drums)  Stephan Graf (Guitar & vocals) Paul Rose (Guitar & vocals)

In September 2020 Band of Friends will return to the USA for their 5th tour.
The line up for the USA will be:
Gerry McAvoy (Bass & vocals) Brendan O'Neill (Drums) Davy Knowles (Guitar & vocals)


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